Anverone is a rich, forested nation to the southeast of the Great Republic. Anverone was once part of the Clorencian Empire. For over 1000 years, the region of Anverone was the spiritual capital of the Empire. The cities of Sylare, Ximes and Lorne were the centers of the cults that worshiped the dead Emperors of Clorencia.

The people of the Great Republic see Anverone is a backwards nation, a former theocracy ruled now by scheming and degenerate nobles. Still, Anverone is rich in natural resources and has built up considerable industry in the past forty years.

Anverone was briefly occupied by the Great Republic during the Accordance War. As part of the Treaty of Paravo garrisons of Republican soldiers are still stationed in Anverone’s cities to keep the peace.

The people of Anverone are even more distrusting of elementalists and Faeblooded than the Great Republic. Magic is illegal in Anverone. The only people allowed to be mages are members of the Order of Sacrifice, a young order of monks who take upon the burden of sorcery from anyone born with the ability to manipulate the elements. Even the Order of Sacrifice are not allowed to actually practice their sorcerous abilities, although there are constant rumors and accusations about the monks.

The Faeblooded fare little better in Anverone. Most Rookeries are walled off and gated, with iron built in to the tops of the walls to prevent any Faeblooded from leaving after curfew. In many parts of Anverone, it’s illegal for Faeblooded to live anywhere outside of these gated prison communities. A large network of Faeblooded sympathizers work across Anverone, to sneak Faeblooded out of the country, and in to the city of Prav and the Great Republic.