Bral-Corani War (179-186 NDE)

In 179 NDE, settlers from Bralholme had established trading outposts on the main land, near where the city of Nulad lies today. The Corani people believed these settlements were an incursion upon their sovereignty, and many of the tribes united to attack the Brallic settlers. After the first attacks, Bralholme sent thousands of soldiers to defend their settlements. For the first few years, the forces of Bralholme were pushing towards victory, and even expanding their territories on the main land.

Although the government of the Great Republic expressed his neutrality at the beginning of the conflict,they began to help indirectly the Corani side, when the Bralic army came nearby to the Hettan Mountains. Most of the merchant families of Paravo were involved in trading war supplies from the Great Republic to Coran, acting as intermediaries. At first, Paravian merchant ships made "technical stops" in ports (sea and air) of the Great Republic to replenish fuel, although it was actually shipping war materials from manufacturers from the Great Republic. Then, to avoid reprisals from Bralholme, much of the war supplies were carried to Paravo by merchant ships of the Great Republic and from there were taken to Coran. In many cases the supplies were transferred at sea between merchant vessels and even between airships. At the final years of the war, war supplies were smuggled between the two countries via Anverone by Anveronian smugglers paid both by the Great Republic and the Corani.

Tides turned when manufacturers from the Great Republic supplied the people of Coran with guns, explosives, and even vehicles at what some say was an incredibly reduced rate. The tribal leaders Gand îm-Kilin, Burad and Tharak came into prominence during the war with Bralholme.

The Brallic were driven from Coran in 186 NDE, and many of the more warlike tribes began using their new weapons against their fellow Corani. Tharak in particular has become a warlord of terrifying skill. He has led the Unir tribe to conquest and pillage, transforming the once peaceful herders into the most dangerous tribe in Coran. This turbulent period lasted 5 years.

This intervention by the Great Republic, was one of the reasons of the attack on the Great Republic Prime Minister in 207 NDE by assassins from Bralholme, that leaded to The Accordance War.