Bralholme is an island nation to the east of Roumion. It was defeated by the Great Republic during the Accordance War.

Bralholme is a small island nation to the east of the Great Republic. Explorers descended from the savage Baer tribes from Northolme settled on the island 1,500 years ago, claiming it as their own. “Bral” means warm in the simple and direct tongue of the northmen.

Bralholme has been ruled by a monarchy for over more than 800 years, rejecting the advances in government made by the Great Republic.

The Accordance War started when a conspiracy involving the Brallic royal family, elementalists, and anarchists attempted to assassinate the Prime Minister of the Great Republic. The Republic quickly retaliated and conquered the tiny nation. The popular story says that the invasion of Bralholme only took two shots, both from the now dismantled Joule Cannon. This isn’t quite accurate: the royals of Bralholme did surrender almost immediately, but there were many small skirmishes and fights between rebellous Brallics and the armies of the Great Republic. But still, the story that it only took two shots from the awesome military machinery of the Great Republic to conquer the Brallic people is one every schoolchild in the Republic knows.

Bralholme still holds a good-sized army, led by the Solemn Knights of Reidal. The Brallic navy was once the strongest in the world, but has long been eclipsed by the Republic's Sea & Sky Navy.

Today, the people of Bralholme are seen as foolish, backwards, and weak. Brallic jokes are quite common across the Great Republic. Many Brallic people are quick to anger at these jokes, and Brallic immigrants in the Great Republic are sometimes quite violent in their denial of the constant insults to their national character.

Bralholme's chief industries are farming,fishing and shipbuilding. The capital of Bralholme is Glastel , and major cities include Lakeford and Golduin . While the capital and major cities are modernized, many rural areas of Bralholme are still simple farming communities with a poor standard of living. The official language is Brallic, and the national flag depicts a bear standing before two swords on a red field.