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Welcome to Clockworks

Clockworks is a Steampunk/Fantasy webcomic, created by Shawn Gaston.

Clockworks is also a roleplaying game setting, that will be released one day in the years to come.

This Wiki will serve as a reference point not only for the events and characters of the comic, but also of the world they live in. Eventually, you should be able to use this wiki as the starting point to run your own games in the world of Clockworks.



The World of Vheld


Facts of Interest


Game Rules

Bestidiary and NPCs



3-11-2012 (Saturday morning)

Updated Alternate Rules entry with Common Knowlege Familiarity rule (current playtesting it & works well) 2-25-2012

dequant have just done the following:

Updated the following entries: Monsters and Myths of Vheld, Religions of Vheld , The Ironian Empire

Added 2 more files in Downloads  : the Ruins setting.

Added 2 new entries: The Great Book Burnings an The New Dawn Society For The Supression Of Vice .

Work in progress: Anarchist and Socity in Veld


No news. Just new comics.


Added the New Dawn Setting in the Downloads Section

Updated the The New Dawn Revolution, Paravo ,Coran , Bral-Corani War , and Technology pages.

Added new entries: Clockwork, Kaul and Steamjacks

2-19-2012 Udated main page(this one), Transporttion.

Added new entries: Steam Power, History

Organized a bit this wiki witth some Indexes :D

What is all this nonsense?Edit

The easiest way to explain Clockworks is to show you the world itself. Try reading the comic, which will do the best job of illustrating the theme and flavor of the world. If you'd prefer to try to imagine it yourself, then click away, dear reader. Click away.

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