Gareth is Toby's grandfather, on his mother's side. Gareth asks to be called by his first name, or even "Gramps." Gareth served in the Great Republic Army during the Accordance War, eventually going AWOL and becoming a monster hunter in Ironian City States.

After rescuing his future wife, Vela, from being cleaved in two by a Black Metal Axe, he gave up monster hunting. With Vela at his side, they took working salvage jobs on the Melas Shards. There they found a Black Metal Artifact and took it with them to the Great Republic. Vela was an elementalist and when she found out that she was pregnant with her first child, she transfered her powers away to protect the child.

Gareth and Vela had 3 daughters: Beatrice, Euna, and Winnifred (”Winnie”). Beatrice joined the army to follow in her father’s footsteps, and was killed by Kauldish separatists north of Brekt. Euna married a railman and lives in Prav. The youngest daughter Winnie married a brilliant but eccentric young engineer named Wyatt, and moved to the Bronze Gardens.