Halos is one of the few outposts of civilization on Orulon. Originally a colony of the Clorencian Empire, Halos became a refuge for the noble families and their supporters in the wake of the New Dawn Revolution. As the Clorencian Empire was transforming in to the Great Republic of Roumion, tens of thousands of Imperialists fled Roumion for the Halios colony fearing for their lives.

The most famous feature of Halos is the Western Wall, a massive stone structure built when the area was a colony that protects the entire inland border. The Western Wall is over 250 miles long. It is 200 feet tall, 50 feet thick at the base and 30 feet thick at the top. The wall was built over the course of 75 years, with most of the laborers being prisoners from the Clorencian Empire or locals captured and forced in to slavery. The Western Wall protects Halios not only from raiding Ironians, but from the dangerous creatures of the wild.

The Accordance War ended before it spread to Orulon. During the war Halos once again saw a few refugees distant lands arriving on its shores, although they largely stopped coming with the founding of the Free Islands. This suited the people of Halos just fine. The past 50 years have seen a massive increase in the size of Halios’s military, in case any of the nearby Mage Tyrants should ever decide to invade.

Today, the population of Halos is a mixture of noble families, descendants of prisoners, descendants of Ironian slaves. Halos is an Aristocracy, ruled by the old Clorencian noble families.

In recent decades the Landedon family, bolstered by the support of the Temple of the First Emperor, have made great strides in accumulating power. They claim to be directly descended from Halomel Landedon, the deified First Emperor, and that this gives them the divine right to rule the land that bears his name. Some members of the Landedon family even believe it is their divine right and responsibility to one day reclaim the Great Republic, so that it can once again become the Clorencian Empire.

For obvious reasons, Halos is viewed with suspicion by the Great Republic. Contact between the two nations is rare, and while trade with Halos is not forbidden, it is strongly discouraged and highly taxed. Still, it is probably the least terrible place on Orulon to live.

GM Notes Edit

Halos is where Toby’s grandmother is from, and where Gareth met her. While it’s not technically one of the Ironian City States, “Irone” gets used to describe most anywhere on Orulon, kind of like “The Orient”. There are a few other nations on Orulon, someone lives on the southern tip below the dried up swamplands, probably a few more small nations/larger city states.