First appearing in 0024: Antagony inside a burning building. This villain accosts our heroes in a battle scene lasting from 0026 to 0030.  MV#2 appears again in a flashback in 0035: An Anarchist's Tale, having coerced the Roumion Liberation Front to attack an abandoned labor 'bot factory on the 5th level.  Eva conjectures in 0033: Scrutate that MV#2 intentionally drew the heroes to the factory to investigate and find the vault with designs for new clockbots.

MV#2 has martial arts and acrobatics training, as he was able to best Oliver and Eva in combat.

Rumors Edit

There are many theories about this Villain. All of them involve an element of mystery and a deeper sense of person beneath the mask. He is seen with malcontents who are anti-government, assumed association with them.

Mysterious Villain 2

Rumor #1) The Gas Mask Ninja Theory: This theory speculates that this villain is some sort of ninja, referenced by his martial skill, use of smoke and distraction, and the mystery regarding his motives.

Rumor #2) The Herbert Stavslanovich Theory: Herbert Stavslanovich was a chemical engineer, heavily involved in the Clorencian Government of old. With the upset of new government, he has gone rogue and seeks to lead an underground of malcontents in an uprising against the current government. His former job was to develop chemical processes to combat pollution from the steam technology and conversion of waste materials into usable carbon substances. Because of the specificity of this theory, it is widely regarded as the least likely.

Rumor #3) The Mercenary Theory: This theory speculates that Mysterious Villain #2 is a Mercenary in the employ of Lukov Kilgore or some other villainous organization.

General Motives seem to be anti-government. Assumed Arson motives speculate that he is getting rid of evidence of a crime, information, striking against a government building in attempt to bring down the infrastructure, or just for fun.

Aliases Edit

The Gas Mask Ninja, Gassy McVillain, Herbert Stavslanovich, Mysterious Villain #2