Map of Noriun

Noriun is a cotinent far to the west of Roumion, and home to San Khotal.

There are five Great Empires on Noriun, the most important (and most known) is Tsuankhotal (San Khotal), located south of the continent.

There is a mountain range that crosses from north to south the continent called Noriun Mountains.

West of the mountains is the Great River, which crosses from north to south the continiente, parallel to the ridge. At the mouth of the river, is located Tsuankhotal, the capital of San Khotal .

In the center of the continent is located the Khotaijo Jungle . Lengends says that in the jungle was once located the old Tsuankhotal Empire .

To the north is located Lake Ahtaijo. The Tsuankhotal Plains is located in the south an its limits in the north at the Noriun Mounatins ant the Khotaijo Jungle. Actually these plains are San Khotal territory