Northolme is a sparsely populated nation on the eastern tip of Arcolin. The Northfolk are known for their incredible sailing ships, love of food and drink, great size and strength, direct and blunt ways, and distrust of outsiders. While the once wild and barbaric Raiders of the North have long since settled down, they are still a proud people, holding great pride in their ancient warrior traditions. The southern port cities of Havfell, Clarshav, and Grayberk are the most modern, with outdated clockbots working the docks, steam-wagons on the streets, and vast canneries that package fish for the inland towns and the Great Republic.

The Northmen were once great explorers. They settled the island of Bralholme, and it is believed they were the first easterners to arrive in Noriun, almost a thousand years before the Paravians.

Northolme was briefly involved in the Accordance War. Thousands of Northmen and women were found on both sides of the Republic/Kaul front as mercenaries. Almost all of them returned to fight for their homeland when the Great Republic launched its airship strikes against Northolme in the final months of the war. Despite the overwhelming odds, the people of Northolme were the last to agree to the Treaty of Paravo. Tensions between the two nations are tense to this day.