Oliver WhitfieldEdit

A mysterious man who hangs out on rooftops and recently joined the Bronze Gardens Private Constables.

His weapons include a sword cane (both a sword and a cane), a double barreled shotgun, good looks and sly style.

Oliver has contacts with members of the National Police (0037: Exchange) and among his many talents, he's also a decent pickpocket (0057: Disseminate). Oliver may be known by some of the criminal element: when spying on Lukov's hideout (0073: Previous, Pt. 1), one of the gang members (Salvaro) spots him and pursues him.

Oliver has his own home that he goes to, rather than bunking in the living ample quarters used by the Bronze Gardens Private Constables. His desire to return home after each adventure, as well as never being seen without his greatcoat, hat, and scarf evokes interesting (if whacky) speculation among the other Constables about the state of his existence in 0093: Speculation.


Oliver is mysterious, he dislikes Lukov for some reason, he apparently knows the criminal underworld of the city, and he may not be able

From 0027

to father children now.

Oliver is also the coolest character -JB

Hush, JB. --Larry