The island nation of Paravo is a tiny nation, occupying but a single, 15 mile long island that lies to the west of Roumion. Its small size belies its immense wealth however. At this point, the entire island is covered by the city of Paravo. Paravo has made a fortune over the years as a merchant city. It was the first to make trade relations with San Khotal and the first to fund settlements on Melas . The Paravians are an incredibly wealthy people, engaging in commerce all over the world.

Paravo wisely allied with the Great Republic during the Accordance War, offering aid and supplies in exchange for protection from Vori and Kaul pirates.

The people of Paravo are known for their fine taste in clothing, food and wine; as well as the beauty of their architecture and women. The Paravian people have a long history of exploration, travel, and adventure. There are a great many larger than life characters from Paravo, including the showman, huckster, and author Sir Whilom Bloodbourne, and the explorer Marcus Gravis.

The six wealthiest merchant families rule Paravo; and the labyrinthine politics of the Paravian families is legendary. Known as the Sacred Six, the current ruling families of Paravo are the Ardinpald, the Brandolians, the Dumireld, the Gravis, the Macionis, and the Trilos.

Paravo has a number of noteworthy laws and customs. Of note to any elementalists hoping to flee the Great Republic to less hostile nations, it is illegal in Paravo to be wanted for a crime in another nation. If a fugitive or international suspect is discovered, he is arrested, slapped with a heavy fine, and then handed over to the ambasadors from his home nation.

Another Paravian legal custom that often seems strange to outsiders is the legal protection of masked gatherings. At any location or event where the majority of people in attendance are in masks, legal charges cannot be brought against a masked individual for any action they did there. Legally, the masked Paravian did not attend. This law applies to any masked ball, a number of gentleman’s clubs, and the famed midnight markets.