First seen in 0073: Previous, Pt.1, Salvaro is a thin man with wild black hair, a scar extending across his forehead and right cheek, shaded glasses, and a green trenchcoat, smoking outside Lukov's hideout. He spots Oliver on the rooftop and pursues him unsuccessfully through the next episode.

Salvaro is identified in 0075: Penumbra by the foiled drive-by shooter as a new recruit to Lukov Kilgore's gang and Lukov's new righthand man. The snitch calls Salvaro a right bastard, a deadly shot with the two pistols he carries, and a petal smoke addict. He previously worked for a "cradlethief" gang (kidnapping ring?) on the 4th level of Clorencia City.


Outside of the comic, Salvaro is nicknamed "Cosplay Man", for fairly obvious reasons.