Khotaljo Bodyguard

San Khotal is the bastardized name for Tsuankhotal, one of the five great empires on Noriun, located south of the continent.

The term San Khotal is often used to describe the entire continent of Noriun, and sometimes all points west of Melas, including the Vori Islands and parts of Arcolin.

San Khotal is the largest nation on the continent.&nbsp Explorers from Clorencia first discovered Noriun four hundred fifty years ago, and until just 130 years ago Roumion had little contact or trade with the insular people of the west. To this day the people of San Khotal are distrustful of outsiders and share little with the east.

A few merchant families from Paravo have established trade relations with San Khotal. From them we’ve learned that San Khotal isn’t nearly as technologically advanced as the Great Republic , although they apparently have a number of interesting theories and insights into the fields of astronomy and geology. Little is known or understood about San Khotal’s culture.

The religion of San Khotal is little understood by outsiders, but seems to worship any number of spirits and otherworldly entities, including the spirit and legacy of San Khotal itself. The Khotaljo religion is reflected in all aspects of the Khotaljo lifestyle, from clothing to architecture.

Khotaljo architecture is impressiveand very brightly colored, with lots and lots of masks and faces on the facades.