First seen in 0072: Ternion, this is an army of clockwork bots constructed by Mysterious Villain #1. MV#1 uses the scrapbots to assault Gareth and then attack the Bronze Gardens Constabulary in order to steal the MBMO that Gareth holds.

The bots seem to have been built from spare parts, as each one sports an unusual combination of features and weaponry. The identifiable scrapbots are as follows:

- FlameFace: his chief distinguishing feature is a mouth resembling an open furnace. His chief weapon is a flamethrower.

- Buzz: his arms are metal tentacles with rotating buzzsaw blades of death.

- Smiley: the metal collar around the base of his head looks a rictus grin. His chief weapon is a Gatling gun on his left arm.

- Chompy: he has a large metal jaw with teeth. His chief weapon is an arm that ends with a chainsaw.

- Dakka: small in stature, he has two automatic machine guns for arms.

- Spike: bears long spiked punching blades on each fist.

- Larry the Lobster: has large metal pincers for hands.

- ElectroFist: channels electricity to stun opponents with each attack.

Note: Awesome! -Shawn