The 2nd level of Clorencia City is home to slums and destitute of the city.

The 2nd level has been long abandoned by all but squatters, poverty stricken Faeblooded, and other undesirables.

Most of the original buildings were once villas, banks, and other public buildings. When the city moved on, the buildings were reused for factories, warehouses, and minor offices, and eventually slum housing, drug warrens, and squatter havens. They have long been ransacked stripped of most ornamentation

The ancient factories or government offices converted to vast slum apartment buildings are surrounded by shanties and rubbish piles. Tin roof shantytowns have been built over the ruins of much of the level. The shanties have extended even up into the rafters and pipes attached to the bottom of the 3rd level.

There is little industry on the 2nd, mostly salvagers who repair the broken items cast aside by people in the Upper City or who make flimsy items from scrap metal.

The presence of the National Police on the 2nd is limited to the area around the lifts. It is the gangs that rule the alleys of the 2nd. In the past few decades, more and more Faeblooded have moved to this area, and an increasingly large police presence at the Lower Lift is the only thing that keeps the Faeblooded gangs from wreaking havoc on the rest of the city.