Special Rule: Clockwork punk/Etheric enhancementsEdit

If you want to add a mechanical arm or some unique power to your character, you must take Arcane Background (Weird Science) edge and then either use the powers listed in the Savage Worlds book, in the Rippers book, in the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion, or in Necessary Evil. You will receive a single power that uses the Clockwork or Etheric trapping. This may be a device that you carry or as a replacement limb or organ on your body. These devices may or may not require power points to use, but some may require activation. You will have to take the Weird Science arcane skill to activate a Clockwork or Etheric device.

Steamgear from The Gentlemen Caller (Page still under construction. Use these stats.)

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Steamgear Cost Damage Weight Notes
Clockwork Arm1000 Mk -2 lb.
  • Choose arm. Str d10 and +3 armor for each arm.
  • Must choose between Clockwork Claw or Clockwork Hand.
  • On a Fighting roll of 1, regardless of the Wild Die, the arm
    malfunctions, causing character to automatically become Shaken and gain 1 Fatigue.
Special Attacks: Arm Punch d10+d6+d4 - -
Special Attacks: Claws Str+d6+d4 - -


Steamgear Cost Damage Weight Notes
Steam Legs1500 Mk - -
  • +3 armor for each leg.
  • Must be purchased in pairs.
  • Adds +2 to Pace.
  • Allows users to jump 2d6” horizontally or 1d6” vertically.
  • On a roll of 1, regardless of the Wild Die, the legs malfunctions, paralyzing character automatically.


Etheric Pulverizer Cost:1000 Mk

It is a Basherdash bat, infused with a pair of Steam Driven Auto-Kinetic Amplifiers, allowing it to hit much harder than normal.

Damage Weight Notes
Str + 2d63 lb.Special Attacks: Knocks the target back 1d4” on a successful hit.


The Steam Driven Illumotron:
Cost: 600 Mk
Casts Light in a cone template, can also blind and electrocute enemies. Is very unstable, on a Weird Science or Shooting roll of 1, regardless of the Wild Die, the Illumotron explodes, causing 2d8 damage to everyone in a Medium Burst Template, centered on the device.
Special Attacks: Electro-bolt: 3d6 damage, range of 6/12/24. Can be set to Lethal or Non-Lethal Damage, also blinds the target, forcing them to make a Smarts roll or become Shaken. -a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a

Chronoscope Goggles
Cost: 500 Mk
These large goggles feature a number of ether injectors and rotating gizmos. They allow the character to ignore all penalties from dim or dark lighting, fog, and other obscurement. Additionally, they allow the character to be aware of incoming dangers, granting him a Notice roll to detect ambushes. The goggles also allow the character to avoid danger, granting a -4 penalty to all attacks against him. At the start of any encounter where the character is wearing the goggles, he must make a Weird Science roll to operate them. On a failure the goggles are non functional. On a skill roll of 1, regardless of the Wild Die, the goggles malfunction, blinding the character for 1 hour.
Special Attacks: None


To be updated:

Steam Powered Battle Suit :

Cost: 5000MK
Armor:+12 Covers entire body(armor for Steam Arms & Steam Legs included)

This the standard Steampower armor . It increases Strength by one die type. Must use rules for Clockwork arms an Steam legs (do not add armor bonus). Must be refulled once a week with ether.