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Steamjacks are advanced mechanical constructs. An Ether-enhanced steam engine provides their power, but it is unkn own to the common man how they are able to follow commands and instructions. The Great Republic originally developed Steamjacks for warfare in 127 NDE , but they soon proved too expensive for the battlefield and made their way into more peaceful uses. The iron giants can now be seen peacefully toiling away anywhere in the Republic where there is heavy labor to be done. Units may grasp huge tools in their powerful claws, or they can be fitted with picks, shovels , or thun dering steam-hammers. Most Steamjacks are between eight and twelve feet tall and weigh four to six thousand pounds , but some of the earliest models were ten times that size. These once fearsome behemoths now lie in ruin; their smaller and more efficient cousins, also called Automations , have taking their place. Being the state of the art in engineering, Steamjacks are uncommon and extremely expensive. Their construction is not commissioned lightly, and they are gene ally owned and operated only by powerful unions or armies. Nonetheless, they are be coming a more common site throughout Vheld , especially in industrial centers. They are now appearing even in Bralholme , primarily in the port city of Golduin . Steamjacks can understand simple instructions, and are capable of evaluating their environment well enough to prevent catastrophe. Steamjacks cannot speak, but they can produce steamy hisses, clanks, and metallic groans.

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