The illustrious Steampig was born circa 170-190 NDE, likely in Paravo. His humble origins remain shrouded in mystery. Steampig rose to fame in a third story window, announcing his debut with the immortal and renowned declamation, "OINK!" Using a powerful if untested device for steam-powered porcine aerial transport, he awed and terrified the civilians below for nearly a full 10 seconds. Though his career was tragically cut short by equipment malfunction, his accomplishments include inspiring a young Wilhom Bloodbourne (who noted the influence of Steampig in his autobiography) to become a monster-hunter and businessman and, even in his abrupt and grievous, yet fittingly glorious death, providing the townsfolk with free roast pork. The legend of Steampig will live on eternally.

Steampig appears in 0102: Bloodbourne.