The Bronze Gardens was once one of the nicest and wealthiest neighborhoods in Clorencia, but in the past 200 years it has fallen on hard times. A few reminders of the area’s former glory can be found, but for the most part the neighborhood consists of lower to middle class housing, factories, abandoned factories, and the occasional shop, tavern, cinema house, or business. One of the various venues is the Gaslight tavern.Bronzegardens

The Bronze Gardens is a working class neighborhood on the Fifth Level, populated mostly by native Clorencians. It’s situated between two ethnic neighborhoods and a Faeblooded ghetto. To the east of the Gardens, refugees from San Khotal have established an exotic and colorful, yet very insular, neighborhood called Little San Khotal . To the west of the Bronze Gardens, Ironian immigrants have settled in to a crime ridden, downtrodden neighborhood that constantly threatens to spread across the Gardens. The Rookery is southwest of the Bronze Gardens.