The Cataclysm was an earth changing series of events that happened in 208 NDE. It is believed the Cataclysm is related to the appearance of elementalists and Faeblooded.

During the close of the Accordance War, when the mage armies of the Vori Islands obliterated the island of Melas, destroying it entirely in a great blast. The blast also coincided with one of the worst outbursts of the Cataclysm. A number of smaller islands rose up during the destruction of Melas and the violence of the Cataclysm, these are collectively refered to as the Melas Shards. A similar phenomenon happened in parts of Irone during the Cataclysm, and as of yet the phenomenon has not been thoroughly understood; although the predominant theory is a naturally occurring case of Electromagnetic Gravitational Negativity, the same science that allows airships to fly.

There is much debate as to whether or not these to events are related. There is also much debate as to the nature of the attack. Some believe it was a great and terrible doomsday weapon developed by the Vori along with traitors and separatists from the Great Republic and Caslion. Others theorize the attack was a massive elementalist ritual of epic scope. The truth remains unknown.

Researchers are most interested in studying the handful of floating islands that rose up at the same time, hanging lifelessly above the region.

One of the effects of the Cataclysm was a marked increase in the visibility and aggressiveness of creatures known as “monsters”. For a short time such beasts actually threatened and stalked people in the Great Republic. Scientists speculate that the earthquakes and shifting weather patterns of the time caused a few creatures to grow agitated, ignoring their fear of mankind and giving up their rural hiding spots in a state of confusion and hunger.

It is believed the Cataclysm is related to the appearance of elementalists and Faeblooded. Many people speculate that the sudden “monster attacks” of the time were related to the appearance of elementalists and later Faeblooded, but this has yet to be proven as anything more than conjecture.