The New Dawn Society For The Supression Of Vice Stamp circa 261 N.D.

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From "Modern History for students, vol. 1." - Elegil Hamod, professor at the University of Clorencia, 207 N.D.

Fifty years after the birth of the new Republic, it faced its first real test. A group of reformers, led by schoolteachers and mothers, led the charge to destroy every text written before the New Dawn. While hindsight teaches us that certain valuable works were surely lost, at the time the idea of completely purging the old became incredibly popular. For seventeen years, it became illegal to own any text or work of art from before the Revolution. Books were burned, and countless ideas and facts were destroyed, in a massive blow to learning that would have shocked the founders of the Great Republic . By the time the senate convinced the magistrates and reformers to come to their senses, it was in many ways too late. We do not know what knowledge was lost to the fires of reform, but our picture of the past is much less complete than it would have been otherwise.


The Great Book Burning

The scars of the book burnings behind it, the Great Republic moved on to take its place as the dominant world leader. Defending itself and its interests from Coran, Paravo, Bralholme and Kaul it has proven time and time again to be the supreme military power.