The Great Republic of Roumion is the largest, most powerful, and most technologically advanced nation in the world. The Great Republic covers the majority of the continent of Roumion, stretching from the Hettan Mountains to the southern reaches of Arcolin. The 250 NDE Census reports that the Great Republic has a population of 125,000,000 citizens. The Great Republic was founded in 0 NDE when the New Dawn Revolution swept through the Clorencian Empire; overthrowing the long corrupt nobility and establishing a new order based on freedom, reason, and equality.

Clorencia City is the capital of the Great Republic. Other major cities include Miralles, Prav, Kolvar, and Jostrenet.

A Senate and the Prime Minister govern the Great Republic jointly. The Senate has 478 members, each representing a different region of the Great Republic. Magistrates and local elected officials govern individual regions and cities.

The Great Republic’s armed forces are divided up into the Republican Army, the Iron Guard and the Sea and Sky Navy. The police force has been nationally run for over 150 years, ensuring fairness and equality in the eyes of the law throughout the Republic.

Commerce and communication are very important to the Great Republic. Rail lines stretch between all major cities, and well-paved roads link even the smallest towns. Due to modern technology, one can travel from Clorencia to any point in the Republic in less than three days. Thanks to advances in communications, a message from even the most remote villages can be sent anywhere in the Republic in a matter of minutes. National and local newspapers keep the populace abreast on the latest news, and serialized books and the latest phonograph recordings are able to entertain the entire nation.

In 207 NDE, The Great Republic entered in to the Accordance War following an attack on the Prime Minister by assassins from Bralholme. The Senate realized that with threats from Bralholme, Anverone, Kaul, and the Vori Islands that the Great Republic’s citizens were not safe, and could not wait for one of these hostile nations to invade. Thus the Accordance War was launched, to make the world safe from radical violence and tyranny.

The Great Republic was victorious in every aspect of the war, conquering Anverone, Bralholme, Caslion, Kaul, and extending operations to Melas and Orulon before the war ended. The Treaty of Paravo ended the war in 208 NDE, and set in to place the extradition of elementalists from the Great Republic to the Vori Islands.