During the New Dawn Revolution, a new calendar system was introduced.   The old calendar, with months and days named after long dead emporers or pagan dieties, was deemed inapropriate for this new era.

The New Dawn calendar begins in the spring, and features twelve months, each thirty days long, followed by a five day holiday to mark the new year.  Each month is divided in to six, five day, weeks.  Workers typically work four days a week, with the fifth reserved for rest and household chores.  Wealthier citizens frequently only work three days a week.

The months of the New Dawn calendar are:

Gerimal - start of spring and the new year.
Mesimal - start of summer
Vendimal - start of autumn
Nivimal - start of winter


Soliel - 5 days of holiday.  Most citizens have this week off of work.  Most shops, factories, and government offices shut down during this time.  The police and military are one of the few exceptions, along with the major news presses.

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