The New Dawn Society For The Supression Of Vice Stamp circa 261 N.D.

The NDSFTSOV was the most important group of reformers, that leded the charge to destroy every text written before the New Dawn because these texts because they belived that these texts could spread vice and corruptiob among the society created after the New Dawn Revolution. The NDSFTSOV organized the majority of the pogroms during the Great Book Burnings period.

It is said that it was supported by the government indirectly, but there was no evidence that confirmed that rumor.

By 267 ND, the NDSFTSOV was declared illegal, but it is still operative under a new name and new objetives.

Adventure seed & Plot Hooks.

  • The New Dawn Society still exists.
  • There are members of the goverment (perhaps the Bureau of helth & Safty?) in the New Dawn Society.

The New Dawn Society can be interesting foes!

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