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The Tsuankhotal Empire was a great empire on Noriun, encompassing the entire continent. It is said that it was the most advanced civilization in Vheld before the colonization of the continent of Roumion.

Due to some sort of a Cataclysm that destroyed the old Tsuankhotal Empire, it was reborn as Tsuankhotal (San Khotal) but reduced in its extension and losing the greatness and glory of the former Tsuankhotal Empire. Now it is known as San Khotal . Another four more empires emerged around the Khotaijo Jungle .

North of San Khotal lies the Khotaijo Jungle , that once was part of the Empire. Now it is a vast wilderness. The jungle is full of ancient ruins, many are the adventurers of the world that comes here in search of treasures and knowledge.

No wonder that there are many expeditions sponsored not only by universities around Vheld , but also from other countries, especially from the Great Republic of Roumion to recover ancient technology of the former Tsuankhotal Empire. Port New Khotaijo is a city outside the San Khotal territory where many expeditions are based.

The Clorencia University organizes frequenty expeditions to the Khotaijo Jungle . All discoveries goes under the custody of the Alistaire Menterosa Memorial Library.

ADVENTURE HOOKS: Finding lost explorers. You can use the The Eternal Nazi one-sheet from Pinnacle (you must change somethngs.